Which versions of Unity are supported?

PicaVoxel 1.4 is compatible with Unity 5 version 5.1.0 and upwards. Unity 4 is no longer supported, but PicaVoxel version 1.3 remains downloadable from the Asset Store for Unity version 4.6.1 and above.

What scripting languages does PicaVoxel support?

Right now, all of the PicaVoxel classes are C#. I don't have any plans to write Javascript versions of the core PicaVoxel code. That said, you should still be able to write your game scripts in Javascript and take advantage of the realtime PicaVoxel functionality.

What's the performance like on mobile?

PicaVoxel makes use of "Greedy" meshing to optimise the number of triangles drawn, which is great for making models for mobile games. However, updating voxel volumes in real-time (destroying and adding voxels) and per-voxel collision detection is processor-intensive so your mileage may vary. I'm constantly looking for performance optimisations, but the game engine part of PicaVoxel will always be aimed at desktop systems.

Can I texture my voxels?

PicaVoxel does not support textured voxels. It is designed to bring to life the kind of flat-colored voxel art you find in games such as Voxatron, Crossy Road and my own game Jarheads

...But I'm working on a Minecr-

That's not what PicaVoxel is for. The engine isn't designed for disk-streamed infinite voxel landscapes.

Can I use PicaVoxel to achieve ~awesome idea~?

Ask me in a forum post, or an email. Include as much detail as you can.

What's coming in the next version of PicaVoxel? Can I request a new feature?

I consider all feature requests that fall within the scope of PicaVoxel. You can see the current state of development on the PicaVoxel Trello board. I aim to fix reported bugs as quickly as possible, and these will be put out as point releases as required. Feature releases will be less frequent - every 6 to 12 months. Be advised that the Asset Store submission queue can take up to a week, and every release has to go through the submission process.

I sent you an email, but you didn't reply!

I've been finding that a lot of enquiry emails have been getting junked, and I sometimes forget to check my junk folder. Please tweet me if you've sent an email and I haven't replied after a couple of days.

I bought PicaVoxel and it totally doesn't do what I need! I want a refund!

Under section 4.6.3 of the Asset Store Provider Agreement, you're entitled to a refund in the first two weeks after purchase. Please consider dropping me a line before you give a bad rating and request a refund, as I'm always willing to help if I can!