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I make videogames, sometimes. Serial game jammer. Unity, C#. Made One Game a Month in 2013. Made PicaVoxel. Currently working on Jarheads. Senior developer at Future Visual.

Ludum Dare 29 Jam: Aeronautical

While I am spending more time concentrating on Jarheads this year, I'm still taking time out to participate in the official Ludum Dare 72-hour jams with Gredgie.

The theme this time was "Beneath the Surface", and I was fairly confident about it to begin with as I had a number of interesting ideas. Only, when we got around to discussing them on Saturday morning it became clear that they were all too ambitious.

So in the end, we made a shoot-em-up.

It's a wapped side-scrolling shooter that takes place both above and below water (thus shoehorning in the theme). The game is rendered at 320x180 pixels and upscaled using point clamping for that nearest-neighbour effect.

The game makes use of a Monogame engine that I produced specifically for use in LD jams, but which I have not yet blogged about. You can find it on Github.

While I'm fairly certain we won't reach the dizzying heights of the LD top-ten this time, I'm still happy that we made a good-looking, fun to play and well-polished game for our fourth outing as a jam team.

Tools Used

  • Monogame / XNA
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Tiled
  • Photoshop CS6
  • ASEprite
  • Audition CS6


72 hours, with 6 hours sleep a night.


These are post-Ludum Dare enhanced versions. For the original Jam entry, see the Ludum Dare entry page!

Windows. If it doesn't run, you may need to install OpenAL.

Linux. This has been tested on Linux Mint 14 (Cinnamon), you may need to install libSDL-mixer (sudo apt install libsdl-mixer1.2). If still no joy, run from a terminal (mono Aeronautical.exe) and copy/paste the output into a comment below.

  • Aeronautical - Linux .tar.gz

Mac. Yep, I now have my very own Mac Mini to knock out OSX ports with! This has been tested working on Mavericks:

  • Aeronautical - Mac .zip